Man Says He's William Shatner's Son: I Want Him To Take a Paternity Test

Peter Sloan is suing the 'Star Trek' actor for $170 million.

A man claiming to be the son of William Shatner is suing the Star Trek star for $170 million.

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Peter Sloan was born in 1956 to Canadian ctress Kathy McNeil. She gave him up for adoption when he was five days old, he says.

He told IE: "My father, William Shatner, had no idea of my existence at that time. Apparently, she discovered the pregnancy after having relations with William Shatner in her apartment." 

In a letter to her son, she wrote,: "The possibility exists that Bill Shatner may be your father."

She also said she had relations with another man during that time.

Sloan, a Florida radio DJ, says he reached out to Shatner for the first time in 1984 on the set of the TV show T.J. Hooker.

"At that point he said, 'I just don't understand what you want from me?' I said, 'I just want to hold my father in my arms.' I started to cry, he was crying as well and then he lifted me up and held me in his arms," Sloan said. 

After that meeting, Sloan says the actor’s reps told him to stay away. Shatner denies being Sloan’s father.

In 2011, Peter took his teen-age daughter to a comic-con event in Orlando and introduced her to the star.

Sloan recalled: "She went up to him and said: 'Can I give you a hug?' He said: 'Of course.' She gave him a hug and then she whispered in his ear: 'I am your granddaughter.'" 

Sloan says the TV titan’s lawyers quickly sent him a letter: "There have been many people over the years who have claimed to be his children... He is incredibly busy and is not interested in spending time discussing this issue with you or any such individuals."

INSIDE EDITION’s Les Trent asked Sloan: “If you could talk to him what would you say?”

“I would say take a paternity test,” he said.

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In a recent radio interview, the 85-year-old was asked about Sloan’s claims.

"Well, everyone looks like me,” the actor said. “He's apparently a lovely man who's in need of a father.”

The DJ asked Shatner: “So, he is not your son?”

Shatner repeatedly said “No.”

Shatner's reps did not reply to IE's request for comment.

The actor recently posted this tweet:

My children are my life. I have three kids in total; Leslie, Lisabeth & Melanie. They are my reason to get up & live each day to the fullest

— William Shatner (@WilliamShatner) May 15, 2015

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