Meet The Fit Mom Who's Turned Her Daily Routine Into a Workout Regimen

From loading the dishwasher to bathing the kids, Jennifer Gelman sees workout opportunities everywhere.

A mom of four is finding creative ways to stay fit around the house.

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Jennifer Gelman dives into leg squats while loading the dishwasher. She does pushups while playing chess with her kids.

She has 52,000 followers on Instagram, some of which have been inspired to post their own family workouts.

“I love getting creative with it. Everyday I’m trying to come up with new ideas on how we could get a different type of workout in,” she told INSIDE EDITION.

The busy mom says it's a big problem finding time to stay in shape, so she’s had to improvise.

She does plank exercises anywhere she happens to be, often making it a family affair, as the kids join in.

“I've made it into a high plank and they can go under. Then I do a low plank they can go over or on top of me,” she said.

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She goes up and down her stairs, sometimes even backwards. Gelman also does handstands against the wall.

“Everyday I try to work out 30 minutes or less,” she said. “Sometimes I only find time for 10 minutes.”

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