'Teacup' Pig Grows To Be 250 Pounds, Stars In Couple's Engagement Photos

"He wasn't exactly what I wanted, but he is exactly what I wanted," Hartness joked. "20 pounds or 250 pounds, he is perfect in every single way."

Teacup pigs never stay teacup pigs, but this proud owner found out the hard way.

Kristin Hartness first bought her teacup pig five years ago, from a breeder that approached her on the beach. Now, Ziggy is a 250 pound addition to her and her fiancé's incredible engagement photos.

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The woman first got Ziggy while she was living in the Virgin Islands. The breeder who approached Hartness told her they would reach a maximum of about 20 pounds.

"That's perfect - they're small, they're smart, they're clean," Hartness told IE.com, "Why doesn't everyone get a pig?

Five years later, Ziggy weighs a heaping 250 pounds.

"He wasn't exactly what I wanted, but he is exactly what I wanted," Hartness joked. "20 pounds or 250 pounds, he is perfect in every single way."

Ziggy quickly became the unofficial mascot of Saint John, in the U.S. Virgin Islands, where they lived. Hartness said tourists loved watching the giant potbellied pig roll around in the water.

But years later, when Hartness, Ziggy and her fiancé Jay Yontz were pressured to move, finding a new home was harder than they could ever imagine.

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The couple searched for six months, and couldn't find anywhere on Saint John that could accommodate the 250-pound pig.

They decided to make the move out to the mainland. Hartness told InsideEdition.com that they even filed to make Ziggy an emotional support animal, but eventually had to charter their own $1,500 flight from Puerto Rico to Florida, in order to bring Ziggy home.

"To the last dollar, I had spent everything on my pig, trying to get it to America," Hartness laughed.

Their dilemma continued when Hartness and Yontz couldn't come to a decision on where to live, so she and her fiancé decided to take the pig to the road. They packed up their RV and are now making their way around the country.

When it came to taking engagement photos in Salt Lake City, Utah, it was obvious that Ziggy was going to take center stage.

They invited photographer Brian Smyer to take pictures of the trio, including some close-ups of Ziggy rolling around in the mud.

"We're family, it's the three of us," Hartness said, without hesitation.

Hartness, Yontz and Ziggy the traveling piggy still have some stops on their cross-America tour, where they try to spread the word about reality of 'teacup-pig' breeders, and a compassionate diet.

"I haven't eaten meat for most of my life, and Jay hasn't eaten meat since he fell in love with Ziggy."

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Hartness told IE.com that their end goal is to open an animal sanctuary in North Carolina, where they hope to offer the same life that Ziggy has to other animals that need a home.

For more updates on the giant traveling pot bellied pig, follow Ziggy Hartness on Facebook and Instagram.

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