Comedian Jon Stewart Rescues Bull That Fled Slaughterhouse Into the Streets of New York

A bull tasted freedom Friday after fleeing a Queens slaughterhouse and will now live out his life on an Upstate New York farm thanks in part to Stewart.

A once-doomed steer that managed to escape his slaughterhouse death and taste freedom on the streets of New York has gotten a new lease on life thanks, in part, to the kindness of comedian Jon Stewart.

The steer was being taken off a truck when it bolted Friday morning and ran amok on a college campus in Queens to bewilderment of passersby.

Feeding Frank

Breaking News: We are happy to report that the bull who was on the run earlier today in Queens is safe and on his way to Farm Sanctuary in Watkins Glen, NY. Jon and Tracey Stewart picked up the individual whom we are calling Frank this afternoon from Animal Care Centers of NYC (ACC). Special thanks to our colleague Mike Stura of Skylands Animal Sanctuary And Rescue who drove out to assist with the transport. More info to come.

Posted by Farm Sanctuary on Friday, April 1, 2016

As it dawned on a growing crowd that this was no April Fool's joke, authorities were eventually able to tranquilize the bull.

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The bull was then taken to Animal Care & Control in Brooklyn, where staff named him Frank Lee after an infamous Alcatraz escapee.

But Frank wasn't tossed back into his bovine prison to await slaughter. Instead, Farm Sanctuary, a national organization that protects farm animals from cruelty, stepped in to offer him a home at their facility in Watkins Glen. 


Cows running around at york college

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And that's where Stewart comes in. According to CBS New York former Daily Show host and his wife, who've partnered with Farm Sanctuary in the past, drove to Brooklyn from their New Jersey home and picked up Frank.

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The Stewarts then began the five hour drive to Watkins Glen.

Farm Sanctuary posted a video on their Facebook page in which Stewart is seen feeding Frank a handful of hay. 

"He was actually feeding the bull over the fence. So the bull actually took food out of his hand which is really nice because this is a very frightened animal," Susie Coston, the national shelter director of Farm Sanctuary, told ABC 7.

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