Toddler in a Tutu Refuses to Dance With Boy During Recital

The tot in a tutu seems happy enough to dance with herself.

The song "Thank Heaven for Little Girls" from Gigi might be playing in the background -- but don't expect this sassy young lady to be sweet.

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As a video of a dance recital shows, the girl entertains her suitor and allows him to twirl her. She even strikes a cute pose.

But when it's time to grab his hand during the main act, she crosses her arms and ignores his not-so-subtle hints to dance.

The boy, with another girl on his other arm, can be seen poking her, as if to make sure she was paying attention to the choreography.

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But she wants nothing to do with it. She responds by looking him up and down, and then giving him an earful while waving a finger, as if reminding him of his boundaries.

The tot in a tutu seems happy enough to dance on her own.

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