Stray Poodle Found Living Under a House For Five Months Is Finally Rescued

The dog is currently looking for a forever home.

A stray poodle that had been living in fear for five months was finally saved from beneath a home during a two-hour rescue effort.

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Residents in the California neighborhood had attempted to feed Scotty, the young poodle, but he would not let anyone come close to him. The white pooch instead cowered beneath the home.

But after a neighbor, Chynna Arias, saw videos by animal rescue group Hope For Paws online, she called the organization to help the poodle.

Rescuers Eldad Hager and Lisa Chiarelli tried and coax the scared puppy out for two hours. Scotty was not cooperating and at one point hid in a dark crevice so that his rescuers could not reach him.

But after prying away some of the boards that encased Scotty, they were able to get him free - although once he was on the ground, he bit Eldad in the leg.

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The dog was taken to an animal hospital where he was given a Tetanus shot.

After a few days in the hospital, Scotty was taken to Lisa’s home as a foster pup and met her dogs Frankie and Lola. Scotty is currently in foster care but is looking for a forever home.

For more information, check out Hope for Paws’ Facebook page.

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