The Ridiculous Ways People Have Tried to Smuggle Gold, Cocaine, Animals Past the TSA looks at the ridiculous ways some travelers have tried to get away with smuggling items on an aircraft.

While many of us know not to hide drugs, animals and other contraband on a plane it seems some people didn’t get the message. looks at the ridiculous ways some travelers have tried to get away with smuggling items on an aircraft.

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Man Tries to Smuggle Cocaine in His Pants, Bulge Sets Off Suspicion

A man was taken into custody earlier this month at Spain’s Adolfo Suarez-Barajas Airport after he was accused of trying to smuggle more than a half-a-pound of cocaine in his pants.

After the man flew into the country from Costa Rica, authorities conducting a post-flight search noticed a large bulge between his.

There they allegedly discovered a packet containing cocaine.

¡¡Un "paquete" sospechoso entre las piernas!! ?
Detenido en #Barajas con 400 gramos de coca en sus genitales.

April 4, 2016

The unidentified man faces drug smuggling charges and remains in custody.

Man Arrested for Allegedly Trying to Smuggle Gold Bars in His Rectum

Police in Sri Lanka arrested a man who allegedly was trying to smuggle gold bars in his rectum to the country in December.

A customs spokesperson said police found 400 grams of gold—worth just over $13,000—in the man’s rectal cavity, according to BBC.

Officers at Bandaranaike International Airport had noticed he was "walking suspiciously,” the spokesperson said.

The unnamed 42-year-old suspect said he worked for the Sri Lankan government.

Man Tries to Smuggle Birds Into U.S. In His Pants

(U.S. Customes and Boarder Patrol)

In January, U.S. Customs and Boarder Protection officers arrested a passenger who was attempting to smuggle nine live birds from Cuba to Miami.

When the unnamed passenger was selected for a screening, they discovered that he was hiding six birds in a fanny pack and three birds in the groin area.

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Smuggling live animals into the U.S. is illegal.

The individual was busted and the birds were turned over to the U.S. Department of Agriculture Miami Quarantine Station.

Woman Dies After Being Caught Reportedly Smuggling Drugs In Her Vagina


A 33-year-old woman, identified by authorities as Melissa Ann Ngaue, was arrested in November after she was caught by authorities allegedly trying to smuggle drugs in her vagina.

Police said authorities part of a narcotics investigation at LAX found a white substance resembling methamphetamine in a toilet near Ngaue. She reportedly told authorities she had eight bags of the substance in her vagina.

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She was taken to the hospital and later arrested. Ngaue planned to transport the meth to Hawaii, according to reports.

Two days after being admitted into the hospital, she suddenly died.

Woman Has Cocaine Implanted In Her Breasts In Attempted Smuggling

In February, a woman was arrested in Germany after she was found carrying a kilo, or about 2.2 pounds, of cocaine inside her breasts, according to officials.

The unnamed 24-year-old Colombian woman was busted by police at a Frankfurt airport after officials became suspicious when they discovered fresh operation scars below her breasts. She also complained of severe pain.

The mother of three admitted to carrying drugs that had been inserted into her body during an operation, officials said.

She was sent to a local hospital where doctors removed two 500-gram bags of the drug from her breasts, according to officials.

The drugs, which were headed to Spain, have a street value of over $200,000, according to authorities.

Man’s Cast Discovered to be Made Entirely of Cocaine

In 2009, Spanish police arrested a 66-year-old Chilean man who they say was trying to smuggle cocaine in a cast made of the drug.

The man, who had flown from Santiago, Chile to Barcelona, made it to customs where authorities decided to X-ray the cast.

Authorities applied a substance to the cast and discovered it was made out of the drug.

He man actually had a leg fracture, but police suspected that he or accomplices may have intentionally injured the leg in order to mule the cocaine.

Police also searched his luggage and found more cocaine hidden in a six-pack of beer and inside the aluminum legs of two stools that he was transporting.

Authorities seized in total about 4.8 kilograms (10.5 pounds) of cocaine.

Authorities Tipped Off To Smuggling Attempt After Bird Flies Out of Man’s Luggage

In 2002, a California man, Robert Cusack, was arrested after he tried to smuggle four exotic birds, 50 rare orchids and two monkeys from Thailand into Los Angele’s LAX Airport.

Authorities inspecting the man’s luggage as part of a routine check were surprised a Bird of Paradise flew out of his suitcase and went through the terminal.

Three other rare birds were tucked into nylon stockings and 50 rare orchids, which are an endangered flower, were also hidden away, a thorough search revealed.

When asked by the authorities if he had anything else hidden, the man admitted he had two monkeys in his pants.

He said he purchased the animals in Indonesia and was taking them to a wildlife sanctuary in Costa Rica, according to reports.

Cusack pleaded guilty to one count of smuggling. He was sentenced to 57 days in jail following an agreement with prosecutors.

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Rice Cakes Found to Have Illegal Ingredient During Customs Search

In March, rice cakes were confiscated at New York’s JFK Airport after the Customs Border Patrol found two pounds of cocaine inside them.

Officials examining the luggage of a man who had flown into New York from Mexico found the treats that had more than just sugar in them.

The street value of that much cocaine is worth $33,000.

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