Cops: Man Crashed Car into Restaurant Twice After He Couldn't Get into the Restroom

According to witnesses, he was yelling out a woman's name before he got into his car, and sped up across five lanes to ram into the restaurant.

A man who was unable to get into a locked restaurant bathroom forced his way in - not with his hands, but with his car, according to authorities.

According to police, the man banged on the bathroom door at a Los Angeles Jack in the Box and yelled a woman's name on Sunday morning. 

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The customer inside the bathroom, William Correa, told CBS LA: "He was banging on the door, and I didn't come out. He banged it twice, about three times."

That's when the man was seen getting into his car. He pulled out of the parking lot and drove across the street. Witnesses reportedly said he waited for traffic to clear, and then sped up across five lanes to ram head on into the front door of the fast food chain's Koreatown location.

The suspect then allegedly left his car and walked back into the restaurant. According to KCBS, he once again began banging on the bathroom door and calling out a woman's name.

Then he reportedly got back into the car and drove around fast food restaurant before ramming into it with his car a second time.

The 42-year-old suspect was arrested soon after and cops reportedly said he will likely be charged with assault with a deadly weapon.

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Thankfully, no one was injured, the manager said.

According to KCBS Los Angeles, the fast food restaurant is now boarded up, and only the drive-thru is open. 

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