Toni Tennille Reveals Troubled Marriage to 'The Captain': He Did Not Like to Be Touched or Hugged

Toni Tennille, who, with her ex-husband Daryl Dragon made up the group, "Captain & Tennille," opens up about her relationship in a new memoir.

In a new memoir, singer Toni Tennille reveals her troubled marriage to her ex-husband, Daryl Dragon. 

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The two comprised the 1970s group Captain and Tennille, and had a string of hits.

They also had their own ABC variety show, which was seen by 30 million people a week.

A very young John Travolta once made a guest appearance

Now, in Toni Tennille: A Memoir, she reveals her life was not the perfect love story millions of fans may have imagined.

Asked if her relationship was a nightmare, she told INSIDE EDITION, “It kind of was. I was this person constantly looking for something he couldn't give,” she said.  

“But the music, we were right there together,” she said.

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Tennille, 75, said their relationship was fraught with problems from the beginning. Tennille wrote that when she would go in for a hug, Dragon would get uncomfortable. 

“What finally got us to marry was that our accountant said, ‘You know, you could pay a lot less taxes if you were married,’” she said.

Their hit songs were all about love and romance; but behind the scenes, she said it was another story.

“There was no connection to me. It should be an intimate, loving connection. That didn’t happen,” she said.

Even with their problems, the marriage lasted 39 years. She said she finally decided to call it quits in 2014.

“People thought we had this fairy-tale relationship. I knew that they would be disappointed,” she said. 

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