'Little Couple' Stars: How We Overcame Cancer, Adoption Struggles

Jen Arnold and Bill Klein reveal how they stay positive.

The stars of TLC's The Little Couple are revealing their secrets to overcoming life's obstacles.

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Among their recent challenges, Dr. Jen Arnold and Bill Klein adopted two children from two different countries - daughter Zoey from India and son Will from China; Arnold was diagnosed with a rare cancer and Bill needed risky back surgery.

“All of that happening at the same time was absolutely crazy,” Arnold told IE.

Now they have a new book out, entitled Think Big.

Klein explained: “There are different things that are more difficult to touch on than others. But I think the reality is that our approach to things is to look at it with a more positive view. So most of our experiences - while you could get mired in the negative - we try to avoid it.

“So we touch on how it could've been a negative experience but I think the takeaway is that when we reflect on each circumstance, the things we remember are the good parts and that's kind of interesting.”

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His wife added: ‘You really can overcome things that seem unsurmountable. Take it one step at a time and keep yourself positive.”

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