Here's How to Get a Great Night's Sleep

Eat certain snacks and switch off your gadgets for some peaceful shut-eye.

If you think a warm bath and a movie is the perfect way to wind down before a good night's sleep - think again.

Lifestyle expert Kris Drew, of the website The Fit Butler, says you should put the gadgets away, avoid showers and baths and head to the kitchen instead. Here she shares her secrets to a sound sleep:

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1. Put Gadgets Away

First of all, turn off iPads and the TV at least an hour before bed.

“Don’t look at screens,” Drew says. “They stress your eyes out and get your brain going. You may have to actually read a book.”

That goes for cellphones, too. Drew says you should not put your phone beside your bed – or even in the bedroom – otherwise you may be tempted to scroll through emails throughout the night.

2. Invest in A Sleep Mask

A sleep mask prevents you from opening your eyes and looking around, according to Drew.

3. Avoid Exercise and Hot Baths Before Bed

While you might think that exercising before bed would make you more relaxed, Drew says that’s not the case.

“Most people think [exercise] is a great way to relieve stress, but what it’s doing is it’s upping your blood flow and getting you pumped up,” she says.

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The same goes for taking a hot shower or a warm bath before bed.

“What it is actually doing is raising up your body temperature and making it very difficult to fall asleep,” she says.

4. Know Your Bedtime Snacks

For your ultimate sleep fix, Drew suggests heading to the kitchen – where raw walnuts and cherry juice should be on the menu.

“Raw walnuts are a great source for melatonin, which is the brain chemical that helps you sleep better,” she says.

She suggests having a handful before bed, washed down with tart cherry juice, which also increases melatonin.

“Just take a shot of it before you go to bed and it's going to help you sleep,” she says.

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