Son Who Tricked His Mom With Tesla Autopilot Says He Was Just Getting Her Back

Bill Rimmer says his 70-year-old mom, Shirley, has played tricks on him, too.

A 70-year-old granny caught on video freaking out when her car went into autopilot mode talks about the moment she thought she was going to crash.

In a video that charmed the nation, she’s heard saying while behind the wheel, “Oh dear, Jesus. I could never… Ahh! Ahh! Ooh! Where's it going?”

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It's the weirdest feeling!”  Shirley Rimmer told INSIDE EDITION of the moment the car when into autopilot.

Her son, Bill, took his mom out for a drive in his sleek, new, electric-powered Tesla sportscar.

He was behind the camera, and didn’t tell his mom that the car would go into autopilot.

She was going crazy and I thought, ‘I should pull my phone out and record this!’” her son told IE.  

When he activated the autopilot - Shirley lost it.

Oh, this is so scary, Oh Jesus, this is my first day out and I am about the die,” she said in the video.

“Oh, come on, relax,” said her son.

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“I've been driving cars for 50 years – I've never had one car drive me,” she told IE.  

“I really thought I was gonna get into an accident. I thought, ‘Oh my God! Bill's new car - I'm gonna crash it. It's gonna crash me - and I'm only 70!” she said. 

Shirley didn't know that if she had simply put her hands on the wheel -- or tapped the brake -- she could have switched off the autopilot...

But her son was enjoying her reaction too much to tell her.

As if he pranks his mom often, he said, “Quite often, yes. It's been going on my whole life.”

“I never catch on to it,” said his mom.

She even thought the IE interview was a prank. “I'm still kinda hesitant! I don’t trust,” she said.

Asked if she’s mad at Bill for the stunt, she said, “How could I get mad at him? He's my baby. I can't get mad at him - but I could hit him real hard.”

 There are sure to be more autopilot freakouts as the technology grows in popularity

In dashcam footage, just released Monday, a Tesla was on autopilot when a truck suddenly moves into the lane. The autopilot smoothly swerves out of the way.”

And in more footage, a car is tooling along on autopilot when another vehicle suddenly pulls out in front of it. The autopilot hits the brakes.

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