Marla Maples and Daughter Tiffany Trump Could Get Secret Service Protection

Maples said she always knew her ex would run for president.

Donald Trump's ex-wife, Marla Maples, and their daughter, Tiffany, may soon be getting Secret Service protection.

The new issue of People magazine says the two women are "likely to receive Secret Service protection in the near future."

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Maples said she always knew Trump would someday run for president. "It was something we talked about when we were first together, him running for president and what that would mean for our family," she told the magazine.

Tiffany, 22, was right behind her dad Tuesday night as he gave a victory speech after winning the GOP primary in New York. 

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Former Secret Service agent Joe Lasorsa told IE that agency protection is not usually granted to ex-wives, but it is possible that Maples will receive it when she is with her daughter.

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