Cops Investigating Murder of Mom in Church Ask If Anyone Recognizes Killer's Walk

The distinctive gait was caught on surveillance camera at the church where Missy Bevers was killed.

The hunt is on to find the person who murdered 45-year-old fitness instructor Missy Bevers at a Texas church earlier this week.

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Cops and FBI agents have kept a close eye on mourners at a memorial service, looking for someone with the same unusual gate the killer can be seen walking with in surveillance footage.

In the video, the person's legs are spread apart and their right foot is pointed out as they walk.

Police are also asking citizen sleuths across America to study the surveillance video for clues, saying in a statement: "Our desire is for the public to analyze the video to see if the walk and stature of the subject is recognizable."

Deborah Halber is author of The Skeleton Crew, which looks at when regular Americans join forces to solve crimes as an army of amateur sleuths.

"Something like this it is a matter of eyeballs and they want as many eyeballs as possible just in the hope that there is somebody out there that has maybe seen something that is relevant," she told INSIDE EDITION. 

One intriguing tip has aleady come in from a woman who posted an urgent message to the Midlothian Police Facebook page: “There is one creepy guy who is a body builder with an almost nude picture of himself that has followed [Missy] on Facebook and he likes to pose in a swat team uniform.”

Former NYPD Detective Wallace Zeins believes the time stamp on the surveillance video, almost 4 a.m., tells him there is more to the story.

“Usually burglars hit in the middle of the night. Maybe from 11 at night until about 3 in the morning. They don’t stay there while the sun is just coming up; there's more to the picture in this investigation,” he said.

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Missy was going to teach a fitness class at the church that fateful morning.

Her grieving husband, Brandon, has a rock-solid alibi, police said.

He was fishing off the Chandeleur Islands, 40 miles from the Mississippi coast, and he laid out his trip on his Facebook page a month ago.

A fitness instructor who works in the gym where Missy worked out said she seemed troubled in recent weeks.

“She seemed a little more reserved,” the instructor told reporters. “I don't feel like she was in the wrong place at the wrong time. I feel like someone was after her.”

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