Newly Surfaced Video Shows Prince Playing 'SNL' Afterparty

'SNL' honored Prince over the weekend and played a newly surfaced clip of the musician performing at their 40th anniversary afterparty.

Saturday Night Live honored Prince over weekend in a special called “Goodnight, Sweet Prince.”

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Jimmy Fallon hosted the episode, which showed performances from Prince going back to the 80s.

The show also played never-before-seen video of a private party at the Plaza Hotel when Prince showed up as a surprise guest for SNL’s for 40th anniversary last February.

Longtime cast member Tim Kazurinsky posted his personal video from the blowout party online.

In the clip, Bill Murray can be seen off to the side of the stage as Chris Rock and Jimmy Fallon performed as backup singers for Prince.

“We thought it was over, we thought it was done, people started to leave the room. Then, Jimmy Fallon exhorted Prince to come forward,” he told IE. “Something went off in my head and said: ‘I got to record this for posterity.’ So for six minutes, I tried not to move.”

Kazurisnky called the performance “amazing,” saying: “Everybody knew this is an amazing thing. The great thing about it too is that Prince really, really seemed to enjoy himself.”

The SNL alum said once the musician wrapped up, "he gave his guitar to the crowd and the crowd gave it back because 'we are not worthy.'"

SNL also played clips of their popular skit "The Prince Show,” Fred Armisen played Prince with Maya Rudolf as his sidekick, Beyonce.

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Some folks took to Twitter to criticize SNL for poking fun at Prince so soon after he died.

One person called the skit a “poor distasteful tribute.”

Other fans lashed out:

In the days following his death, Prince has returned to the top of the Billboard charts.

The compilation record The Very Best of Prince and the soundtrack to Purple Rain sit at the No.1 and No. 2 positions respectively.

This marks Prince’s fifth time on the top of the charts during his near 40-year career.

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