9-Year-Old Boy Opens Lemonade Stand To Help Foster Parents Pay His Adoption Fees

While Davis wrote that although "Tristan is already our son, in our hearts," it's important to the family that they make the adoption official.

As the weather gets warmer, you can expected young entrepreneurs across the country to open lemonade stands in the hopes of scoring some extra spending money during their summer break.

But one 9-year-old from Springfield, Missouri has a different goal in mind. Tristan Jacobson wants to raise money to help his foster parents adopt him permanently.

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"The financial aspect on [adopting] has really been a stresser on me," foster mom Donnie Davis told KOLR during the weekend lemonade sale.

According to their YouCaring page, "Tristan's Adoption Fund," the family needed about $5,000 to pay the attorney fees.

So little Tristan took the streets Friday afternoon and charged passersby $1 for some ice cold lemonade, while the Davis and her husband ran a yard sale and a bake sale "to make any extra money for the fees," Davis wrote on the YouCaring page.

It turns out, the "extra money" the family raised was more than any of them could have imagined.

Over the weekend, the lemonade stand received about $7,100 in donations for the cause, the Springfield News-Leader reported. Their YouCaring page has also now raised over $10,000, doubling their original goal.

But all the money goes to a worthwhile cause. Davis said all the additional money the family raised will go towards the third grader's education.

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Davis said her ex-husband had an affair that produced Tristan. But the boy's father went to jail shortly after his birth and although his biological mother took him in for a while, she was unable to care for him, she said. So Davis took him in instead.

"Of course I agreed [to taking him]," she said.

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Since Tristan had been in the care of Davis and her husband, he's suffered a bout of social issues triggered by his tough upbringing, she said. They also had a hard time catching him up in school, since he was regularly sent home for his poor behavior.

But Davis wrote that Tristan has overcome many of the initial difficulties since: "He has straight As, and he’s getting 100% at least 3 days a week for behavior. The other days, he’s getting a 92 or higher.  He’s slowly learning to make friends and have healthy relationships with them."

Now, the family is working hard toward their next goal: getting him adopted.

While Davis wrote that although "Tristan is already our son, in our hearts," it's important to the family that they make the adoption official.

"He's been with us so long and we've been his family unit for so long," Davis told KOLR. "I know that there won't be any problem with [adopting]."

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Davis wrote on the YouCaring page that in addition to Tristan wanting to take up her last name, he came up with a full new name for himself to complete the transition into the new family: Quill Tristan Davis.

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