Man Awakes To Find A Hungry Bear On His Deck, Snacking On The Bird Feeder

The man said he normally sleeps with his windows open, and awoke last week to the sound of a gate being opened. He expected a person, not a bear.

Someone's been eating out of my bowl!

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When Nik Godhani from New Jersey peeked out his window at 6:15 a.m., he was shocked to see a bear helping himself to a quick meal in the bird feeder.

Godhani told that he normally sleeps with his windows open and awoke last week to the sound of a gate being opened. He originally expected he would see a person.

He walked down to his kitchen to investigate the noise, when suddenly he came face-to-face with the intruder, who was pressed against the sliding glass door.

"That's when I discovered our pretty big friend -- a huge black bear on two feet eating from the bird feeder hanging from the deck," Godhani told, joking, "he was getting the 'bear' essentials."

Though the man said the bear looked friendly, his cat sure didn't seem to agree. He told that by the time he spotted the bear, his cat was already making the mad dash to hide in his bedroom.

Godhani hung around anyway to take photos of his furry neighbor.

He said he's seen bears before, but only during hikes, and never in the neighborhood he has lived in for two years.

"There's no way I can get to work on time," he remembered his brother Rik saying when he woke up to the bear.

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As for the bear, Godhani watched him destroy the bird feeder from inside the Denville house for about five or 10 minutes before he scurried away on his own.

But Godhani's love for birdwatching continues. He told that even though the bear ruined their bird feeder, he has already bought a new one to put up once he is sure the bear has left the neighborhood.

Godhani is even going to change the seed mixture in the hopes it will not be as tempting to unwelcome wildlife.

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