Video Posted to Top NFL Draft Pick's Twitter Account Shows Him Smoking Weed

The footage of Laremy Tunsil appeared online just before the NFL draft on Thursday.

A high prospect NFL draft pick saw his stock plummet after video was posted to Twitter apparently showing him smoking out of bong made from a gas mask.

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The footage of Laremy Tunsil, 21, was posted just minutes before the draft in Chicago on Thursday night. It was swiftly taken down but fans still caught it before it was removed.

Tunsil claimed his account had been hacked.

The Ole Miss offensive lineman saw his top 5 stock plummet to 13 when he was eventually picked by the Miami Dolphins. The plummet for his NFL worth cost him $7.5 million, according to CBS Sports.

After he was selected by the team, two other images, which appeared to be a text message exchange between Tunsil and a coach at Ole Miss, emerged on his Instagram page.

In the message, it appears that Tunsil was asking a coach from the organization for money so he can help his mother pay bills.

Tunsil deleted the messages, which he said were posted after his account was hacked, and at first denied that it was him asking for money.

But during his first interview after being selected by the Dolphins, he owned up to his mistakes.

“I made a mistake,” Tunsil said in a press conference. “That happened.”

He was then asked if he had taken money from a coach at Ole Miss, he said: “I’d have to say yeah.”

Tunsil also told reporters: "I don’t know why they hacked my account. I haven’t done nothing to nobody. Man, I’m harmless."

After the player’s admission, his university released a statement saying: “Like we do whenever an allegation is brought to our attention or a potential violation is self-discovered, we will aggressively investigate and fully cooperate with the NCAA and the SEC."

Dolphins General Manager Chris Grier addressed Tunsil’s controversies on Thursday night, telling the press: “We're very comfortable with all the information we have on the situation. We've done a lot of work. We spent time with him at the combine. He's got personality tests, all the stuff we do. He loves football at the end of the day."

The news of Tunsil’s social media accounts came less than two days after his stepfather, Lindsey Miller, reportedly filed a civil lawsuit against the player.

In the suit, his stepdad claimed Tunsil caused the “intentional infliction of emotional distress.”

Tunsil’s lawyer, Steve Farese, slammed the suit, telling the Clarion-Ledger: “The lawsuit filed against Mr. Tunsil appears to be yet another attempt by Mr. Miller to damage Mr. Tunsil, his family, and the University. This unsavory attempt to obtain money from a talented young man is a sad example of the times. The timing of this suit, on the eve of the NFL draft, speaks volumes as to Mr. Miller's motives.

"We will vigorously defend Mr. Tunsil against this frivolous complaint and are confident it will be dealt with appropriately by the Courts."

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Tunsil has been in the headlines before. In 2015, he missed the first seven games of the season after the NCAA determined he received benefits that were not allowed by the association’s standards.

In a statement in October, Tunsil said: “I take full responsibility for the mistakes I made and want to thank everyone for their continued support. I want to apologize to my teammates, coaches and the entire Ole Miss family for how my choices affected our program. This was a learning experience, and I'm looking forward to being back on the field with my team and redeeming myself.”

Among the benefits, he reportedly received three loaner vehicles over a six-month period without paying for them.

According to a press release obtained by The Clarion-Ledger, he also received a "four-month, interest-free promissory note on a $3,000 down payment for buying a used vehicle, two nights at a local home, an airline ticket purchased by a friend of a teammate and one-day use of a rental car."

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