These Little Kids Look Just Like The Presidential Hopefuls

Honey, we shrunk the candidates!

The folks at Toddlewood have taken on their newest challenge: the presidential election.

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Photographer and Toddlewood creator Tricia Messeroux found kids from the New York area to dress up as the candidates.

To get the perfect Trump quaff, little Tyler had to endure an hour of primping. Messeroux said getting the tiny Trump's hair just right was a challenge.

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"I thought it would be easy, but I was wrong!" she said.

Mini Hillary Clinton seemed to have lots of sass, just like the real Democrat.

Little Bernie Sanders had to go grey at just four years old.

Tiny Ted Cruz resembled the candidate.

The pint-sized politicians gathered together -- while a tiny Kasich snacked off-stage.

The kids may not be able to vote for another decade or so but they already have our vote for the cutest in the land.

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