The Touching Reason Why One Man Lets His Wife Put Nail Polish On His Pinky

Matt Sanders said he often forgets he has a nail painted, but "every time I see it, it reminds me of my wife."

An Indiana man offered up his own finger to complete his wife's primped and polished manicure after the woman lost her pinky in an amputation.

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Mom of five Libby Sanders shared a picture of her husband's hand, with only the pinky nail painted green. Beside it was a picture of her own hand on top of his.

Because she only had four fingers on her left hand, her husband's painted nail underneath her fingers appears to complete her manicure, the photo that has since gone viral shows.

Even as the Jasper couple spoke to, Matt Sanders proudly displayed his pinky nail, which was painted burgundy to match hers.

Matt Sanders laughed to that he preferred the green nail polish, adding, "burgundy looks like I smashed my nail." 

Libby Sanders said that just six weeks ago, she had to have her pinky amputated. She was shutting the screen door when a piece of the handle broke off, and her finger snagged onto the raw edge.

"It looked like she bruised it," Matt Sanders said to

"Then it just kept getting worse and worse," Libby Sanders said. "I ended up having to get it amputated."

Even though she might drop her phone or have a hard time putting her hair into a ponytail, Sanders said she was more or less adjusting to life with 9 fingers.

But when it comes to painting her nails, "I still reflexively go to paint the pinky nail that's not there.

She said she didn't realize she looked sad, until her husband reached his own pinky out and said: "You can paint my pinky, and I can be your surrogate pinky for the rest of our lives."

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Matt Sanders said that he intends to keep his pinky promise, saying he fully expects to be "the 60-year-old man with a hot pink nail."

And even though he often forgets he has a painted nail, he said, "every time I see it, it reminds me of my wife. How cool to see a reminder of her every time."

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