Meet the Man Who Read a Book As Beyonce Shook Her Booty On Stage

Not even Beyonce could tempt George Papageorgiou away from his geography book.

A man who went to go see Beyonce in concert on Tuesday was caught reading a book while the singer shook up a storm on stage.

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"Actually, I like Beyonce," the concertgoer, George Papageorgiou, told INSIDE EDITION.

Apparently, he didn’t like her enough to put down his book. What was he reading that was so fascinating? It was a geography book written by author Jules Verne. And it was written in Greek.

"The book, it's 53 years old,” Papageorgiou said. He's read it at least six times.

“Well it's a nice book and I find it very interesting,” he said.

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His wife Helen didn't really mind him reading. "I'm so used to him reading in every place you can imagine. I didn't think anything about it,” she told IE.

Her husband did look up a couple of times. "She's a heck of a dancer!” he said. But obviously not enough to keep him for his beloved book

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