Trump Defends Calling Hillary Clinton an 'Enabler' Of Her Husband's Affairs

Trump also accused Hillary Clinton of playing the "woman's card" in her campaign.

Donald Trump has defended saying that Hillary Clinton enabled her husband's affairs.

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The GOP front-runner continued his attacks on Clinton as he appeared on CNN’s New Day on Monday. He also accused her of playing the “woman’s card” in her campaign.

“It’s only retribution for what she said,” Trump said told host Chris Cuomo. “She is playing the women’s card to the hilt. I mean, I watched over the weekend and everything is about women, and 'Donald Trump raised his voice,' and you know. It’s all nonsense.”

During a campaign stop in Eugene, Oregon on Friday, Trump stirred the political pot with his comments about Hillary and Bill Clinton.

“She's married to a man who was the worst abuser of women in the history of politics. Hillary was an enabler. These women were destroyed not by him but by the way she treated these women horribly. He lied. He was impeached," she said.

Trump had a different take on President Clinton’s affair in 2008.

“Look at the trouble Bill Clinton got into. Something so totally unimportant, they tried to impeach him which was total nonsense,” he told CNN in 2008.

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But on Monday, his claws were out.

“She can’t talk about me because nobody respects women more than Donald Trump,” he told New Day. “I will be better for women by a big factor than Hillary Clinton, who frankly, I don’t even think will be good to women.”

Trump also called President Bill Clinton "the worst abuser of women."

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