Cop Pulls Over 2-Year-Old Driving Around in Tiny Mini Cooper: 'She Was Late For a Nail Appointment'

Harper Barnett loves her toddler-sized car, but she loves the sirens on her neighbor's police cruiser even more.

Not so fast!

When 2-year-old Harper Barnett was caught driving recklessly, even her cuteness couldn't get her out of a ticket. 

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The girl's mom, Christina Barnett, told that little Harper was driving around the neighborhood one afternoon with her nanny.

Even though she has multiple toddler-sized cars, Barnett said that the bright yellow miniature Mini Cooper was her "favorite little car," since it's the only one equipped with a gas pedal.

But what the 2-year-old likes even more, Barnett said, was the police cruiser that their cop neighbor often drives, mentioning that Harper "gets so excited when she sees the car."

So when Sergeant Bryan Jared of the Lexington Police Department spotted the girl on the block as he was getting off work, he didn't pass up the opportunity to say hello.

"He turned the lights and the sirens on, got out, and pretended to give her a ticket," Barnett said, laughing. "She's really comfortable around him."

The neighborhood sergeant then uploaded the picture on his Facebook, writing, "Said she was late for a nail appointment." 

Jared later told Barnett that her daughter was charged with multiple offenses, including speeding, driving underaged, picking her nose, and, "her Taylor Swift music was too loud." 

"It’s not something we encounter every day, but our officers are ready to respond as needed," Lexington Police Department's public information officer Brenna Angel told

Jared said that he has known Harper all her life, and the infraction was out of character on her otherwise impeccable driving record: "She's usually a good girl."

Jared did reassure that she will not be charged for drinking and driving, since the only open container that was found in her car was a half-empty Capri Sun.

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When she was handed the ticket, her nanny Alexis Frederick Shuler told that she kept asking, "what is this?"

"I'm sure she just batted her eyes and got off with a warning," one person commented.

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