Jimmy Kimmel is Kelly Ripa's First Guest Co-Host After Michael Strahan Exit, Asks 'Everything All Right?'

Jimmy Kimmel asked a series of tough questions to Kelly Ripa and producer Michael Gelman.

The show must go on, and Kelly Ripa has emerged with Jimmy Kimmel as her first guest co-host after Michael Strahan’s departure from Live!

As soon as Kimmel sat down, he joked: “Where is Michael? I haven't been paying attention. Everything all right?”

Ripa smiled and replied: “Everything's great!”

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Kimmel couldn't resist making mischief of the behind-the-scenes drama.

“I'm so curious to know everything,” he said. “Let's start from the beginning, what happened?”

Strahan bid the show a final farewell Friday after co-hosting the show for four years. After the show, cameras captured Ripa and Strahan sharing a long bear hug.

Kimmel asked: “On Friday’s show, was that genuine hugging and kissing?”

She replied: "Yeah! We don’t fake hug and kiss."

Kimmel, who was among Ripa’s replacement hosts in 2011 when Regis Philbin left and before Strahan signed on full time, made a crack about how he is always being called to help her out.

“I'm like the ex-boyfriend you go back to for sex after you break up with your husband," Kimmel quipped.

Kimmel appeared on Howard Stern’s SiriusXM show Monday prior to co-hosting with Ripa.

Kimmel said the shock jock had “about 75 questions” to ask about what has been going on at Live!

The late night host asked Live! producer Michael Gelman is Strahan will ever be allowed back on as a guest.

“At some point, it’s possible,” Gelman replied.

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The opening graphics of the show have already been altered to say Live! with Kelly. Strahan’s name has been removed from show, as well as the new mugs Ripa and her cohosts will drink from.

And even the mugs weren't safe from a Kimmel gag, as he took a black marker and scribbled his name to say Live! with Kelly and Jimmy.

Strahan left Live! to join Good Morning America full time. His stint with GMA will begin in September.

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