Airports Bringing in Puppies and Miniature Horses to Calm Passengers Stuck in Long Lines

Airports are also turning to music and circus performances to keep travelers smiling.

Some of the nation's busiest airports may be classified as a zoo during peak travel times, and radical new plans have been introduced so passengers can embrace it. 

Puppies, music, horses and even the circus will soon be seen at several airports to ease the frustration of air travelers. 

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Airports like New York's LaGuardia Airport are turning to therapy dogs as a calming mechanism.

At LAX, a volunteer program called “PUP” - Pets Unstressing Passengers allows a fly-weary individual to hang out with a dog in case you miss your flight.

Other alternative ways to cope with the stress of traveling are being introduced to some of America’s major airports.

In Cincinnati, it is not just dogs that can help; there are miniature therapy horses in departure areas.

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At San Diego International Airport, the circus will perform all summer long.

There is an actual plan to shorten the lines -- the TSA is adding 800 new security screeners by June but the union that represents TSA workers says 6,000 new screeners are needed to make any real impact on long lines.

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