That Takes Gusto! Scientist Battles Incredibly Strong Wind in Viral Video

Check out what it looks like to "ride" a 109-mph wind gust.

If this stunt was any more dangerous, he'd be gone with the wind.

The scientist seen battling ferocious gusts at the Mount Washington Observatory in New Hampshire Monday on his pulse-pounding attempt to face off with incredibly strong wind.

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Tom Padham leaned into 109 mile-an-hour blast while his friend, Mike Dorfman, looked on.

“I was like we should do something cool and show what it's like to be out in these 100 mile-an-hour winds,” Padham told Inside Edition.

Padham and Dorfman record data for the National Weather Service and they couldn't resist having some fun.

Padham pretended to take a seat in the wind in the video.

Padham said: “There's a trick that we tried to do in the past but usually the wind isn't strong enough where you sit down in an invisible chair but luckily it was strong enough to actually work.”

“I decided to jump and test it out we were doing this safely I knew the worst thing that would happen is I would end up on the deck on my back,” Padham said.

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Dorfman added: “I was witnessing him jumping into wind that I was like that really cool but I’m not going to do it.”

The scientists are excited about the reaction their video is getting even though some wonder if it's legit.

“A lot of comments saying this video has to be fake they made it up,” Padham said. “And in my mind that is like they're really getting it because they don't understand the wind speeds up here, it’s like not even on the spectrum. It makes me really excited we are introducing this to people.”

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