Watch This Weatherman's Epic Freak Out After Spotting a Spider During Live Broadcast

One reporter went from giving the news to becoming it after he spotted a spider in the studio.

Tonight's forecast: Cloudy with a chance of shrieks.

A weather reporter in West Virginia with a severe case of arachnophobia got ultimate scare when a spider appeared during a live broadcast.

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Bryan Hughes was giving his report when the invading arachnid creepily crawled onto his monitor, making him squeal in fear.

“Ah! Geez Louise,” he yelled after spotting his eight-legged nemesis.

Unable to keep it together, he shouted: “Why did that just happen?”

If that wasn't enough embarrassment, the TV station  WOWK-TV  posted the segment on Facebook, where it quickly went viral.

"I nearly lost my lunch," Hughes said at the end of his freakout. "Oh man, saints alive, we've gotta get out there and kill those things."

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After finally calming down, Hughes took to Facebook himself, finding the humor in his misfortune.

He wrote: "I couldn't help it. Honestly! I screamed like a little girl. Now, where's the matches and gasoline?!?"

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