Tat Awkward Moment! Police Officer Poses for Photo With Man Who Has 'Cops Suck' Tattoo

They police and the man had a good laugh about the situation.

Police in Maine had an interesting encounter with a man who had “Cops Suck” tattooed on his knuckles.

The Bangor Maine Police Department say a man named Russell, who had the ink of discontent for authority on his body, was “pleasant” during their interaction over the weekend.

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Officers Jimmy Burns and Keith Larby asked the man to move from his location and he agreed without any issue. However, they were hesitant of the situation after spotting the tattoos.

The police say they treated Russell with “conversational kindness” and had no problem with the man.

The police department wrote on Facebook: “Burns noticed the tattoo(s) and Russell told the cops that he now regretted getting that written on his knuckles a few years back. They all shared a laugh and Russell agreed to let Burns get a photo of the ink.”

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They posted photos of the incident on social media.

“Russell was not arrested or charged with violations,” police said. “We like it that way.”

Police added on Facebook: "If this situation had been handled differently, it might have led to the handcuffing of our friend, Russell."

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