Teen Brings Sick Grandfather to Tears as He Stops by Hospital on His Way to Prom

Grandpa Mike has never missed a single one of his grandson Felipe's big events, and now, he wouldn't have to miss prom either.

A grandfather was brought to tears as this teen decided his prom night wouldn't be same without him, even if he was lying in a hospital bed. 

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Mike Miranda from Webster, Texas, couldn't imagine not being able to send his grandson off to prom, his daughter Nicole Leon told InsideEdition.com.

"Their relationship is excellent," Leon said.

She said Miranda has never missed a single one of her son Felipe's major life events, until the 67-year-old found himself in an extended hospital stay following a minor procedure.

"He knew he would not get to see Felipe for prom, and he kept telling my mom that she should leave the hospital to go see him," Leon said.

Little did Miranda know, Felipe couldn't picture the big day without his beloved grandfather, either.

After having his grandmother tell Miranda that he was held up at a friend's house, Felipe, in his boutonnière best, surprised his grandfather in his hospital with his date following closely behind.

In a video posted by ViralHog, Felipe can be seen bursting into the hospital room, and showering his grandfather in kisses. His date can be seen in the background, trying not to tear up.

"When we opened the door and he saw Felipe, it was priceless," Felipe's mom said. "He still, [to] this day, is in awe."

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Now, with graduation just around the corner, the family hopes Miranda will be well enough to return the surprise with his attendance at the ceremony. 

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