Woman Becomes Engaged to Boy Band Member She's Had a Crush On Since Age 12

Little did Louisa Grams know, the singer on the poster hanging above her bed when she was 12 would become her fiance.

Every girl remembers having a crush on a member of a boy band, but only this one will remember proposing to her celebrity crush  and having him say "yes."

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Louisa Grams, 22, said in an interview with Dove that she remembers having a poster of singer Robert Uncles  the lead singer of Lexington Bridge  hanging above her bed when she was growing up in Germany.

Uncles, who sported a mohawk and eyeliner at the time, was the only American in the band — which also had British and Dutch members  before they disbanded in 2010.

Nearly 10 years later, with the poster of her crush far from her mind, Grams said she was speaking German on the phone in her Los Angeles apartment complex when a man approached her, and introduced himself.

"I asked him, 'How do you know German?" Grams said in an interview with Dove, to which he replied that he used to be in a boy band in Germany.

"In that moment, it kind of clicked," she said. "I just thought to myself, 'Oh my god, I was totally in love with you when I was 12.'"

She immediately told her mom, who replied, "Please tell me it's not the one with the mohawk and the spikey hair."

Uncles told InsideEdition.com that it only took one date before Grams admitted that he was her teenage idol. 

"I was in a bunch of teen magazines at the time and Louisa had a bunch of 'hot guys' hanging around her room and I happened to be one of them," Uncles said. "In all honesty I thought it was almost too serendipitous!"

Despite the bad boy image of him from years ago, Uncles said in an interview with Dove that he had fallen in love with her "pretty much within the first week," of the two of them meeting.

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After being together for nearly two years, Grams decided to invite Uncles back to the very courtyard they first met to pop the question.

"I never really follow traditions, and I hope he's okay with it," she said to a friend.

In Dove's video, Uncles can be seen walking out to the courtyard decorated with lights, where Grams awaited him with a ring.

"I was dumbfounded," Uncles said. "The entire complex was transformed and there she was! I had no clue what was in store for me."

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She can be heard in the video crying as she recites, "The past two years with you have been the best in my life. I really can't go another day without asking you this."

As she falls to one knee, Uncles, who no longer looks like the man in the poster hanging above her bed, can be heard saying through sobs, "I love you so much," in agreement.

"I had already been thinking about (proposing)," he told IE.com. "That's why it was such an easy 'yes.'"

Even though his new fiance has since retired the boy band posters, Uncles laughed, "today she has the real thing in her bedroom."

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