Bullied Boy Has Surgery to Correct Ears That Stick Out: 'I Look Good'

Logan Hanna decided to undergo a procedure to fix the ears he says leave him a frequent target of bullies.

A 12-year-old boy has had his ears pinned back so they would not stick out anymore, a procedure he hopes will end constant torment by schoolmates.

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Logan Hanna says bullies called his ears “elephant ears" and he was teased constantly because of them. 

The 6th grader from Texas tried everything he could to hide his ears, including growing his hair longer to cover them. 

Logan and his parents have since turned to Dr. Steve Bryd, a Dallas plastic surgeon who specializes in otoplasty. The procedure lasted two hours  one hour on each ear — to pin them back. 

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A week after the surgery, the bandages were removed, and there was definitely a noticeable difference.

“I look good,” Logan said after the successful operation.

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