Batman Looks Like a Two-Faced Joker in Police Recruitment Video

The Dark Knight got on the nerves of Fort Worth's Finest.

He may be the hero Gotham deserves, but he's not the one you need right now.

Such is the message in a new recruitment video from the Fort Worth Police Department, who have enlisted Batman's help.

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In the parody video, the caped crusader does a ride along with an officer, informing him all about what it means to be a crimefighter.

But things just don't go as planned as the Dark Knight only succeeds in getting on his partner's nerves.

Batman is heard complaining about the cop’s squad car, saying "it sucks" in comparison to his Batmobile. He also does an irritating rendition of the Batman theme song and brags about dating models.

In addition, the would-be hero critiques the department’s mode of communication – saying his city utilizes a giant signal to get his attention.

Eventually, the cop gets so fed up with the vile vigilante that he throws him out of the car and proceeds to go about his day. Holy hitchhiker, Batman.

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The department posted the video on their Facebook page in an effort to raise awareness about their recruitment efforts.

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