Meet Bamboo, the Skateboarding Dog That Will Roll Right Into Your Heart

Bamboo is now a viral sensation, thanks to the dog's ability to ride a skateboard.

Hang 20, dude.

Meet Bamboo, a four-legged skateboarder from San Diego County and current video sensation.

The mixed-breed pup has nearly 14,000 fans on Facebook and hundreds more on Instagram and YouTube.

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A video taken by owner Mike Bolaris, showing Bamboo rolling along Solana Beach, has collected some 1.7 million views. 

"He's a clown," Bolaris told KFMB. "He really likes attention."

Bamboo's mom was a stray who gave birth to a litter of nine in a cave in the desert, the channel reported. The dog was adopted by Bolaris as a puppy.

The mutt uses his two back legs to pedal, then cruises along on all fours. He responds to skateboarding commands, such as "turn left," "cut back" and "push." And passersby are impressed.

"It's really joyful," one told KFMB.

"The dog is blowing my mind," another added. "It's pretty much the happiest dog I've ever seen. And he's got a good style too. He's not a bad skater."

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