Teen's Dirt Bike Prank in School Hallways Ends With an Arrest After He Runs Over Student's Foot

Dangerous stunt by California high school senior lands him in deep trouble.

The teenager who rode his dirt bike through the crowded grounds of a California high school has landed in hot water.

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The rider videotaped himself as he rode through Hart High School in Santa Clara Wednesday as part of a prank.

Stunned students could be seen diving out of the way as the biker roared by.

“They literally had to jump out of the way as he raced through campus,” Shirley Miller, a spokeswoman for the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department’s Santa Clarita station said.

The 16-year-old riding the bike was arrested Thursday after he allegedly ran over a student's foot.

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The teenager, who has not been named because he is a minor, is not even enrolled at the high school he terrorized, according to police.

The school district issued a statement to other students who are thinking about pulling off a similar stunt, saying: “We also want to remind students that whenever a small group imagines a ‘harmless little prank,’ unintended consequences often happen. Senior pranks sometimes get out of hand and cost the district valuable resources.”

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