Everyone Wants a Piece of the Pie: Dad Tried to Pay Child Support with Pizza, Court Approves

It wasn't money but it was something.

A dad in Padua, Italy, has been acquitted by a judge after offering to pay child support with pizza.

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In a 6-year-long criminal case against Nicola Tosa brought by ex-wife Nicoletta Zuin, Judge Chiara Bitozzi said last week: “In lieu of money, the defendant offered his ex-wife the same amount of compensation in the form of take-away pizzas from his workplace, an offer promptly rejected as 'beggar’s change.'"

The judge said there was no evidence of any crime and he was acquitted.

Tosa and his ex-wife divorced in 2002, during the time he agreed to pay child support for their then 6-year-old daughter. The amount was reportedly about $355-a-month back then.

In 2008, a recession hit the country and Tosa opted for payment with a different kind of dough — feeding his ex-wife and kid in pizza, calzones and other dinners from his business in lieu of cash.

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Two years later, he closed his business and remarried, which is when Zuin filed the criminal complaint alleging non-payment of child support.

Tosa’s lawyer, Sonia Della Greca, said that even though his client fell on hard economic times, he still fulfilled his obligation of child support. In 2011, his daughter even moved in with him after her relationship with her mother fell apart.

Tosa and his family can now enjoy their pizza in peace.

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