Teen Gets Washington Redskins Cheerleader to Go to Prom With Him: 'He Was a Great Date'

High school senior Stephen Bieber scored a date with a cheerleader, but not just any cheerleader.

It was a dream come true for one high school senior who got to escort his favorite Washington Redskins cheerleader to his prom.

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Stephen Bieber, 17, from Baltimore, wanted to go big for the big night.

He told Inside Edition: “What would be bigger than bringing an NFL cheerleader to prom?”

He used social media to message Christa Aiken, a Redskins cheerleader: “100% serious, how many retweets I gotta get on Twitter for you to go to prom with me? 10,000 enough? Please.”

"Lol thank you" she wrote back. "At least ten thousand."

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After pleading with his followers and strangers to retweet the post, he achieved the goal, And Aiken was not about to back out of the deal.

“Stephen was the perfect gentleman. I couldn't believe he got a Rolls Royce,” she said. “He was a great date!”

Bieber added: “It's probably the biggest highlight of my high school career, probably my life so far.”

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