Did a Supernatural Being Possess This Woman in a Supermarket?

Surveillance footage from a supermarket in China appears to show a woman browsing, when suddenly, her body is taken over by a demonic spirit.

What's the most terrifying thing that can happen in a supermarket? Being possessed by a demon, apparently.

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A viral video, called "Strange Demonic Possession in Korea" on YouTube, even though it was shot in China, shows a woman browsing the supermarket shelves when suddenly, she looks and sounds like her body has been taken over by a demonic spirit.

As seen in the surveillance footage dated last month, the middle-aged woman strolls down the aisle and does a double-take when a package appears to fly off the shelf behind her. She courteously turns around and puts it back.

Suddenly, she throws her head back, her body convulses and she can be heard whelping during the ordeal.

She stumbles and falls before a young woman approaches to see if she is all right  but a loud screech has the younger woman backing off.

At this point, she has attracted the attention of other people in the store, but appears to warn them to back off as she lets out another bloodcurdling scream.

Two people  the first woman that approached her, and a man on the other end of the aisle  begin filming, but the remaining two sympathetic shoppers attempt to restrain her.

She appears to calm down, now only heaving audibly, but the supernatural occurrence has yet to end. She lets out a final scream that appears to send a tremor throughout the store, and the people restraining her are thrown back.

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The final scream seems to have evicted whatever was possessing her, and the eyewitnesses help her to her feet as one yells to someone off camera, "Come here, help out."

But once everyone leaves the aisle, the same ominous package falls off the shelf again.

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