How a Fire Extinguisher Can Help You Survive in the Middle of a Nightclub Shooting

In a desperate situation like the one that unfolded in Orlando over the weekend, here's what you can do to make sure you're safe.

After the tragic massacre that unfolded in Orlando over the weekend, a security expert has shared with Inside Edition how to survive if you're caught in a similar nightclub shooting.

Former New York Police Department officer Bill Stanton stressed the importance of being “creative” when caught in a terrifying rampage by a heavily armed gunman like the siege in the Pulse nightclub early Sunday morning.

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Stanton noted one survivor who told of hiding beneath bodies, saying that “playing dead,” and taking refuge under bodies is one way to hide in plain sight.

Finding shelter is also important, he said. Hiding behind the club's bar may not the best place to be, but if it's your only option, there are things that can be used as weapons – a broken bottle or glass, for example, or a knife used to cut lemons and limes.

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Fire extinguishers also make good weapons, he said, adding that the metal container can be wielded against an attacker as well as spraying its contents at an assailant.

Barricading oneself in a separate room is also an option, he advised. Just be sure to pile anything you can in front of the door and secure the door handle.

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