Pee-Yew! Rotting Monster Gator Trapped in Drain Causes Big Stink in the Neighborhood

Huge gator clogs drain, creates horrible smell.

No wonder the neighborhood stank. 

Florida public works employees responding to complaints about a nauseating smell came face-to-snout with a humongous, but very dead, alligator.

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The fat, 11-foot gator was stuck in an outdoor drain, causing water to back up and creating a horrid odor. 

"The drainage system in this Fort Meyers neighborhood was backed up so someone called our Public Works Department to investigate. Here's what our guys found. Eleven feet long," wrote Lee County Manager Roger Desjarlais on his Facebook page.

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He also posted a photo of the astronomical alligator being hauled out of the drain by a rope, with its massive jaws agape as a worker wearing a particle mask stands with arms outstretched, as if to say "Hail the gargantuan gator!"

Lee County spokeswoman Betsy Clayton told the dead reptile was hauled to a dump for highway debris. "Basically, it got buried," she said.

Gator cadavers stuck in catch basins are not uncommon sights, she said. Typically, one or two alligators a year have to be removed from clogged drainage systems.

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