5 Adorable Times Fathers and Their Kids Entertained Us in Hilarious Videos

The internet has no shortage of videos that capture sweet moments between children and their parents.

With no shortage of videos capturing cuteness of kids and parents on the internet, InsideEdition.com has found the most adorable clips of dads and their mini-mes, just in time for Father's Day.

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Father and 1-Year-Old Son Make Lip-Sync Video for Mother While She Works 

In this adorable video that has gone viral, a Minnesota man and his son, Jack, are shown lip-syncing an array of songs for the little boy's mother.

Eric Bruce and his son recorded clips on the app Dubsmash for about a year, and eventually compiled them into this one adorable feature putting their playful relationship on display.

Performing hits like Justin Timberlake’s “Cry Me a River” and 4 Non Blondes’ "What’s Up," the two have attracted thousands of viewers.

A loveable depiction of the amusing bond the two share, this video shows just how creative a father and his infant son can be.

Father and Son Have Dance-Off to Little Einstein’s Theme Song

Keith Silva and his 4-year-old son Jayden are the epitome of cute in this impromptu dance video.

Silva, a professional choreographer for the stars, was helping his son practice for an upcoming solo dance competition set to a remix of The Little Einsteins theme song.

He recorded the session and posted it online, where it quickly went viral, garnering millions of views. 

This pair is sure to put a smile on your face as they demonstrate how far of talent and father-son collaboration can take you.

Comedian Tries to Get His Dad a Date for Father’s Day

Comedian Scott Rogowsky gave it his all to help his dad meet some ladies in this hilarious video.

Despite Scott’s dad, Marty, having not “hit on chicks in 35 years” he eventually was able to turn on the charm and get a date as the two caroused a local bar.

The pair host an online show in which they interview comedians, filmmakers and authors, and clearly have a similar sense of humor.

The experience, filmed for Father’s Day last year, is one Marty won't soon forget.

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Dad Creates Pop Song Parodies to Feed 1-Year-Old Son

Dad by day and musician by night — this man combines both his passions in the most adorable way.

Charles Flartey and his infant son, Tommy, show us all how fun mealtime can be by placing food-related lyrics into pop song melodies.

Songs like R. Kelly’s Bump N’ Grind and 112’s “Peaches N’ Cream” are sung by the dad, with lyrics like: "Turkey and cheese/I need it 'cause you know that I'm a fiend/Gonna eat it 'till my high chair's clean."

Although Flartey says his musical stylings haven’t necessarily made Tommy eat more, they have made eating baby food more enjoyable for the both of them.

Dad Blows On Dandelion and Baby Can’t Stop Laughing 

Rock star Tom Fletcher’s toddler son seems to have quite the contagious laugh — one that spread from him, to his dad, to millions of online viewers after Fletcher blew on a dandelion in a video he recorded.

In it, Fletcher takes his son, Buzz, on a spring stroll where the two discover how entertaining it can be to watch a dandelion fly away into little pieces.

Buzz’s wide laugh reveals his adorable baby teeth, and brings Fletcher so much joy that he repeats the act several times.

After posting the video, Fletcher commented that the moments he captured were "what makes being a dad so awesome."

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