Woman Takes Driving Test While Disguised as Elderly Mom Who Was 'Nervous' About Exam: Cops

A 39-year-old Ottowa woman donned a wig, glasses and clothes to make herself look like her 73-year-old mom.

A Canada woman has been charged with impersonating her elderly mother during a driver's license test, police say.

Smiths Falls Police say they were called to the scene when a driving instructor became suspicious of a woman taking the test on June 9.

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According to a statement from police, the 39-year-old woman from Kars, Ontario, was wearing a wig, glasses and had dressed herself to look like her 73-year-old mother to pass a driver’s test for her.

Staff Sgt. Rick Labelle of the Smiths Falls Police Service told CBC that the woman did it because her mother was feeling jittery about the test.

"It turned out she was taking the driver's test on behalf of her mother, and had told the officers she did that because her mother was nervous about taking her test," Labelle said.

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Labelle said he hadn't heard about a case like this in his 29 years on the job.

While Labelle said the alleged act appeared to be "out of character" for the suspect, he said it "presents a danger to the public."

The woman was arrested and was charged with one count of impersonating an adult.

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