17-Year Cicada Invasion Creates Noisy Problem at Outdoor Weddings

What a buzzkill.

The cicada invasion wreaking havoc in more than 15 states with their ear-piercing buzzing are crashing weddings, too. Outdoor weddings are the perfect target for the cicadas that surface every 17 years — and they sure make a noisy nuisance.

Bride Lauren Migaki used her know-how as a radio producer at NPR to solve the problem at her recent wedding in Washington, D.C.

“It was essentially like a nice karaoke machine and it kind of — the cicadas were so loud, and so it allowed us to put the volume up a little bit on the event,” Migaki said.

Wedding planner Katie Bronstein recommends wearing closed-toe shoes. 

“Also, if you happen to have something drop on you, just know, they’re not dangerous. They’re not harmful. Just try your best to kind of discreetly flick it off,” Bronstein said.

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