Golfer Tries to Chase Away Curious Bear Cub Going Through His Cart: 'That's My Beer!'

It was one day at the green this golfer won't soon forget.

A golfer in Alaska traded his clubs for a cub during this trip to the green.

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A bear cub unexpectedly invaded the golfer’s cart on the course and found its way into his beer stash.

In a video posted on Facebook, Adam Baxter had a standoff with the curious cub at the Moose Run Golf Club in Anchorage. The bear found his way into Baxter’s beer and began sipping.

An irate Baxter can be heard screaming: “Hey! That’s my beer!”

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Clearly the bear did not listen and kept drinking the booze it discovered.

Baxter angrily said: “You little alcoholic!”

The bear eventually left, allowing the golfer to finish his game, albeit with a little less booze.

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