Heroic UPS Driver Saves an Abandoned Puppy Dumped in the Street

A UPS driver saved a small puppy abandoned by its owners and dumped in the middle of a street.

An unexpected pickup turned a UPS driver into a United Puppy Savior after he rescued an abandoned canine.

While on his regular delivery route, Jason Harcrow, the heroic UPS driver, noticed a car stopped in the middle of East Hatch Road in Ceres, California.

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The driver of the suspicious vehicle opened the side door and dropped a small puppy in the middle of the street, according to Harcrow.

Harcrow wasn’t able to see the license plate of the car, but quickly scooped the helpless dog and called Stanislaus Animal Services.

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“I tried to grab him and he was kind of playing with me. I didn’t want to get down on all fours, so I was just kind of swiping for him,” Harcrow told The Modesto Bee.

Harcrow brought the young dog to the Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Department where they waited for animal services to collect the puppy.

According Public Information Officer, Sgt. Anthony Bejaran, the pup seemed healthy with no visible wounds.

“He’s a big ham for the camera,” Sgt. Bejaran told InsideEdition.com. “Whenever he enters a room, everyone starts to smile.”

The 12-month-old puppy is now looking for a new home and a loving family. He will be available for adoption for a fee of $90 to cover the costs of vaccinations, neutering and a microchip. 

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