Charlie Sheen Admits He Didn't Reveal HIV Status to Some Sexual Partners

The 50-year-old actor also revealed his life's regrets.

Charlie Sheen says he did not tell some of his sexual partners about being HIV positive.

Last November, when Sheen first admitted he contracted HIV, he insisted he never had unprotected sex without the partner knowing about his status.

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Now, the Wall Street actor is changing his story saying if he did not disclose his status, he did not have unprotected sex.

He was asked by Matt Lauer Tuesday morning on the Today show: “Are you saying you informed every partner that you had sex with of your HIV status or did you not inform some people but use protection?”

“There were two examples but protection was always in place and it was for the right reasons because everyone I had told up to that moment had shaken me down,” he said.

Lauer then asked: “So that’s why you chose not to reveal your status to some people?”

Sheen replied with a simple “yes.”

He was once one of the highest paid actors in TV; Sheen is now a spokesman for a new line of condoms for LELO Hex.

Sheen admitted to the Today show host about his life’s regrets.

“I regret not using a condom one or two times when this whole thing happened. I regret ruining Two-and-a-Half Men,” he said. “I regret not being more involved in my children’s lives growing up... But, we can only move forward from today, and they wouldn’t call it the past if it wasn’t.”

The 50-year-old actor is facing lawsuits from some of his ex-lovers who claim he put them at risk by not disclosing his HIV status, claims Sheen vehemently denies.

“You said you had never put anyone at risk and yet a lot of women came forward and disagreed with that,” Lauer said. “You're facing lawsuits.”

“Sure, yeah,” Sheen said.

Lauer then asked: “Do they have merit?”

“They do not and no one has been infected,” Sheen answered.

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Bree Olson, one of Sheen's ex-"goddesses" says she he kept his HIV status a secret from her.

“He is lying,” she told Inside Edition in November. “He used this word: 'I'm clean. I'm clean' and  I know... but I believed him.”

Olson says she and Sheen had unprotected sex many times but she never contracted the disease.

"It was like playing Russian Roulette. That's the best way to put it. It was like putting a gun to my head and pulling the trigger each time," she said.

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