NYC Graffiti Artist Banned From All National Parks After Vandalism Spree: 'I Know, I'm a Bad Person'

Casey Nocket is no longer allowed to set foot in a national park or any federal land

Casey Nocket is barred from setting foot on one-fifth of the country after a graffiti spree that defiled portions of America's national parks.

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Nocket, who uses the tag name "Creepy Tings,” is a 23-year-old graffiti artist from New York City and has pleaded guilty to vandalizing seven different national parks.

Crater Lake was just one of her haunts, defacing a rock that overlooks the body of water.

She also drew graffiti in Death Valley National Park, as well as Yosemite National Park during a two-week hiking vacation.

She was tracked down after posting photos of her work on social media for the entire world to see.

Nocket even bragged about using acrylic paint and when an instagram user told her it would be difficult to wipe off rock she replied: "I know, I’m a bad person."

Now, a federal judge has banned the artist from setting foot in all national parks and federal land, a fifth of the United States’ territory.

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The ban lasts for two years, and some don't think that's nearly long enough.

“Why is that all she got? She should have been made to remove her mess herself!!.” was one comment.

Casey Schreiner runs the website, Modern Hiker, which first identified Nocket from her Instagram postings.

"They felt like they were punched in the gut by seeing the vandalism and seeing someone who was so brazen about the vandalism," he told Inside Edition.

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