Love Birds Allie and Noah Celebrate 1-Year Anniversary, Spent It Taking 'Long Walks on Flamingo Beach'

"Rumor has it, we might be hearing the pitter patter of little webbed feet in the year ahead," a representative from the Renaissance Aruba said.

Here come the flamingos!

Flamingos Allie and Noah celebrated their one-year wedding anniversary earlier this week on National Flamingo Day.

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It has been a year since the lovebirds donned a veil and bow tie under the fateful gazebo of the beach, and the Renaissance Aruba Resort and Casino confirmed their love's never been stronger.

"They are often spotted taking long walks on Flamingo Beach," a representative from the resort told "During their first year of marriage, they continue to celebrate their love with resort guests and extended feathered family."

Though the honeymooning flamingos did not welcome any new tiny pink chicks in their year of marriage, "rumor has it, we might be hearing the pitter patter of little webbed feet in the year ahead."

In the resort's video from the wedding, Allie can be seen dashing into the ocean, wedding veil in tow, as her groom looked stoically ahead into their bright horizon.

The couple, whose names are inspired by the Nicholas Sparks novel, "The Notebook," were married last year at the Renaissance Aruba Resort and Casino as a testament to the pink flamingos that roam the resort.

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The resort is home to seven flamingos, including Paradise, Pinky, Rizzo, Pink Floyd and Flamenco.

But Allie and Noah won't be caught fla-mingling with anyone else — flamingos are monogamous and these love birds will mate for life.

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