Two Women and Teen Found Dead Inside Home in One of America's Wealthiest Communities

Two women in their 40s and a teen were found dead with obvious signs of trauma in Rancho Santa Fe on Monday.

Two women and a teen girl have been found dead with obvious signs of violent trauma inside a home in one of America's wealthiest communities.

Authorities in San Diego County, California discovered the grisly scene after responding to a possible child abuse call in Rancho Santa Fe Monday.

When deputies arrived to the $1 million home at about 11 a.m., no one responded to their knocks, according to a San Diego County Sheriff's Department release.

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Upon checking the Rancho Santa Fe home's perimeter, police saw an adult woman on the floor. They then forced open a door and discovered the woman was dead with obvious signs of trauma.

Further investigation revealed two more victims dead from similar injuries in the home.

Police did not immediately reveal if the trauma was inflicted by a knife, blunt object, gun or other weapon.

The two adult victims were in their 40s. The teen victim was estimated to be 15.

Based on the initial evidence, detectives said they do not believe there are any outstanding suspects in this case, suggesting a murder-suicide.

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Lt. Kenn Nelson told the San Diego Union-Tribune that at least one of the victims is believed to reside in the Rancho Santa Fe home.

“Any time you have a person who dies at the hands of another, it's a tragic situation,” Nelson said. “Now you have three individuals inside this house, and one of them is a juvenile. It makes it that much more worse than is anticipated. It’s burdensome for family and first responders who have to see this.”

Nelson said his office is working to determine the relationships of the deceased as well as a possible motive.

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