Does This Photograph of Linen Mill Workers From the 1900s Show the Presence of a Ghost?

Fifteen women from Northern Ireland pose for a photo, but the result shows more than the photographer ever bargained for.

Something's not right with this 1900s photograph.

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Fifteen linen mill workers in Northern Ireland pose for a photo, but the result shows more than any photographer ever bargained for.

Even though the Belfast girls look composed and cheerful, none of them seem to notice the supernatural presence haunting a girl in the second row.

It appears a hand rests on the shoulder of the girl farthest to the right. But, who does the hand belong to?

The hand in such a position that suggests it came from a woman behind her -- however, every woman in the image have their arms crossed.

Is it an optical illusion or the pressence of a real ghost? The discernable fingers and nails suggest that it could not simply be a trick of the light.

The disturbing photo was sent to Belfast Live by the great granddaughter of the very woman who appears in the photo with the ghastly hand on hre shoulder.

"Great to see an old photo of my Granny, in the by-gone years photo, when she worked at the mill," the woman identified as Lynda wrote. "She was Ellen Donnelly (nee McKillop)."

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