Sarah Palin Opens Up About Daughter's Marriage as She Appears on Revival of 'Match Game'

Sarah Palin spoke to Inside Edition after appearing on 'Match Game.'

Sarah Palin says she's overjoyed for her daughter Bristol following her recent wedding to Medal of Honor recipient Dakota Meyer.

"That's the best. Bristol and Dakota and their little baby girl Sailor  it's all good," the former Alaska governor told Inside Edition after filming an episode of the recently revamped "Match Game." 

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The couple, whose daughter was born earlier this year, met in 2014 but famously went separate ways just days before they were due to marry last year. But earlier this month, they quietly tied the knot.

Now Dakota is a key part of the family, Palin told IE. He's currently working with her husband, Todd, on their commercial fishing boat in Bristol Bay, Alaska.

"Dakota marries into the family and right off the bat we put him to work," she joked. "So welcome to our family!"

Her husband is on the mend after a serious snowmobile accident landed him in intensive care in March, she added.

"He's doing great," she said. "He feels so much better. He's out and about. He's always like, 'don't make me laugh!' because his whole upper body is held together by metal and bands. Every time he laughs it kind of hurts."

Palin spoke to IE after taking part in ABC's "Match Game" as a celebrity panelist. Leah Remini and Kristin Chenoweth also took part in the episode of the show, which is hosted by Alec Baldwin.

The TV classic, originally hosted by Gene Rayburn, launched in 1962 and ran for eight seasons before it returned to TV in 1973 for another nine years.

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Today's set is a throwback to the 70s. "We probably should've all worn our bell bottoms," Palin quipped.

Palin, who says she watched the show during its original run, said she's happy to see its return.

"I think it's kind of an indication of people, in kind of tumultuous times nowadays, wanting some comfort entertainment, like comfort food," she said. "They wanna go back to good times."

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